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Birthday Comedy

August 25, 2002

Thanks to everyone who called and sent cards for my birthday yesterday -- it's very much appreciated. I turned 25 on Saturday, which is a pretty significant milestone (I guess). My bro Matt joked that I was now officially "old", and yes I wafted on some OMND in honor of that.

The three-day weekend has been fun. Hung out with Desi on Thursday night and met his neighbor Shama, this fun, talkative chick who was all excited (if you know what I mean) about going to see her boyfriend in northern Georgia the next day. Plus it's interesting what observations you can make about a show like The 5th Wheel at two in the morning.

On Friday, my old fraternity brother Justin Smith flew into town. I went to the St. Petersburg/Clearwater airport for the first time ever. It's a small airport down in St. Pete that faces competition from the mammoth Tampa International Airport. Not a whole lot of flights go throught St. Pete/Clearwater (especially compared with TIA), but it's a much easier place to find your way around in -- reminded me of the airports in Evansville, IN and Columbus, MS.

I tried showing Justin some of my PS2 games, but when we tried to play Virtua Fighter 4 -- rrr rrr rrr, the Disc Read Error returned. I was incredulous. Less than a month ago, I paid $15 shipping and was without my PS2 for three weeks to have the problem "fixed". Umm, back to the drawing board, Sony. Ugh! But at least NCAA Football 2003 worked, and I was able to school Justin in an ACC showdown (as Duke beating UNC in Chapel Hill).

Finally hit the Happy Hour thing at the Ybor City Brewing Company. Unlimited beer and good conversation. It's a nice setup -- especially considering that it's literally right across the street from me.

We considered trying to land scalped tickets for last night's Bucs/Redskins game, but ultimately decided that the cost and the time consideration was not worth it. Checked out some of the shops in Centro Ybor, and had some ice cream at the Marble Slab. My friends Mike and Tracey run the place, and they have a delicious product. Quite possibly the best ice cream I've ever had -- and that's no exaggeration. Good stuff, for sure.

Ended up having lunch on Saturday at the Green Iguana, which was interesting since normally I've only seen it in "bar mode". It was a decent meal, too.

Deciding against the Bucs game, we went to see comedian Brad Sherwood at the Improv. My only other time there had been to see Jay Mohr (in one of the funniest shows I've ever seen.) Brad didn't do traditional stand-up, but instead did basically a live version of the show Who's Line Is It Anyway (only raunchier since there's no broadcast TV rules to follow in a live show). Audience participation played a big part, and it was a hilarious improv show. We got our money's worth.

Saturday night in Ybor was the usual wild time. I met Spice Boy from the Bubba The Love Sponge show over at Pleasuredome, where they were doing some "Radio Ybor" thing. And of course did the usual chasing women and partying deal. Fun times. My ears are still ringing from the Amphitheatre though. I wish they'd have the volume about half as loud in there -- would be much better. I don't understand the whole "play the music as loud as we possibly can" mindset. How does that help in trying to pick up chicks? "Hey what's your name?" "What?!?" That sort of situation.

I've been having lots of hits in the past few days for my Hot Talk homepage (AOL Search finally added it to its listings). At least in some cases, it has comprehensive station listings that are tough to find elsewhere. So hopefully it'll be of some value to people.

We may go hit Clearwater Beach today, depending on the weather. Then try and get at least some sleep in time for work tonight. Should be interesting trying to stay awake for the overnight shift...

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