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Shooting Stars

August 20, 2002

"If you took all the little feelings in your heart
And took all those little feelings all apart
Oh well now what's the point in doing all of that"
-Travis "Last Train"

"But you're not really here
It's just the radio"
-The Carpenters "Superstar"

If deaths comes in threes, do breakups come in pairs? Maybe, maybe not, but today the latter seems to be true. You probably have no idea what I mean. And that's exactly how I want it.

Baseball has a strike looming on Friday night. And it seems to me... there's no stopping it. Kiss the 2002 season goodbye. And drive a whole new legion of fans away from the game. Way to go, Bud Selig! The players' union can't see the forest for the trees, the owners can't get on the same page (Steinbrenner vs. small market owners drowning in the red). Not an easy situation.

Still getting over this damn cold. Should've hit the doctor on Friday and landed some antibiotics -- that would've knocked this thing out pronto. Of course, if they'd given them to me on Wednesday like I wanted, that would've stopped it sooner. Way it goes, I guess.

I had some crazy dreams today. One included moving back to Huntington, WV. But it wasn't exactly Huntington, it had elements of other places mixed in with it. Aren't dreams strange like that? You can travel to places and times gone by, but they're mixed in with other things. Like the control room from my old station in Evansville was there, but it was Huntington. That sort of thing. Maybe there's a good reason that most dreams disappear like Leonard Shelby's new thoughts in the movie Memento. Takes more time than the actual dream itself to dicipher them. And then it makes no logical sense, or it just happens in the course of unrelated events (like getting it on with actress Sarah Michelle Geller). Then again some things in dreams just happen for no particular reason (but then again how different is that from real life sometimes??).

Tali called me tonight -- she gets to move into her new house next week. Should be nice for her (though home ownership also brings with it alot of work). Speaking of work, time to be getting ready for that about now...

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