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Cough Cough Cough

August 18, 2002

Being sick is no fun. Ugh. I'm on the fence on if I'll be able to make it in to work for Monday. With my odd schedule, these types of decisions need to be made well in advance. (Knock on wood) I'm feeling better though, my voice still sounds like Brian Pillman mixed with R.C. Collins (i.e. gruff and raspy one moment, then breaking to this odd, higher-pitched tone -- hard to explain). I think it'd be better if I didn't feel like I'd taken several hits to the torso from a kendo stick. Body aches are no fun.

Found out last night that Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos will be retiring. This is terrible news for my fantasy team, but moreover it's sad news about a running back who in my opinion deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame (in the mold of Gale Sayers). Davis' 1996-1998 run was a three year explosion that few if any RB's in history could say they matched (Sayers' first three seasons are comparable). It's a real shame his body gave out -- always leave you wondering "what if".

Interesting note... through the first 17 days of the month, the most hits I've had on this site outside the U.S.... is from Denmark. The next two higher listed are Greece and Japan. Go figure. Though many times listings don't come through by country (hence the "unresolved/unknown" category, which far outweighs even the largest by-country listing), but still the ones that do can be fascinating. Here's a list from just this month: Denmark, Greece, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Taiwan, South Africa, Brazil, Estonia, Argentina.

I've been trying to figure out the mass appeal of the Fox show "American Idol"... and I don't get it. Granted, there are some hot chicks on there, but the widespread appeal seems a bit baffling to me. It seems to me like a glorified high school musical tryout. Call me cynical or boring, but I'll take a pass on it.

If we're talking about TV worth watching... the fourth season of The Sopranos is coming soon on HBO. You have no idea how much I'm anticipating it...

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