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The Voice Of The People

August 16, 2002

I have no voice right now. I've been sick the past few days (though the doctor Wednesday said it wasn't strep -- just something "viral"), and I nearly called off from work last night. In hindsight maybe I should've, since I was a bit loopy from the DayQuil needed to get me through the shift, but such is life. Not sure who would've covered though, especially calling in at 7 PM. So I toughed it out. But during the night at work, I went from "sounding kind of sick" to having a voice that sounded like the late Brian Pillman (i.e. very raspy). Paige from MetroTraffic joked that I could have the Barry White voice thing going on. That'd work if it didn't hurt to talk. So to have some form of outword communication, I figured I'd jump on here.

We had Anton Fig from The Late Show w/ David Letterman on our morning show this morning. Interesting to hear some of his stories about working on the show (he's been there for 15 years).

NCAA Football continues to be incredibly addictive. Trying a Dynasty now with Marshall. It's going well now (only regular season loss was by 3 at Virginia Tech), but we'll see about Season 2 when Byron Leftwich graduates. I must say, look out for Darion Watts. If he's as good as his PS2-generated version... then lookout.

I listened to the Bucs game on the radio (99.5 WQYK-FM) tonight. Pre-season must be tough to call, as they have players constantly switching in and out. If I had a dollar for every time they mentioned that tomorrow was Jon Gruden's birthday... well I'd be about $20 richer now. But I dig the play-by-play announcer's voice -- he's got some good pipes.

Smitty's coming down to visit next weekend. Should be fun. Hopefully I'll be rested enough by then and over being sick. Still trying to land tix for the Redskins exhibition game on the night of my birthday. It'd be no problem -- if only Steve Spurrier weren't coaching for Washington. That game sold out incredibly fast -- faster than some regular season games, even. Way it goes. I found a guy on eBay who was selling a pair for $150, but he wanted $15 for shipping and wouldn't agree to waive that fee and meet in person. So the hunt continues.

I found out a few days ago that my station is hiring a new morning show producer (replacing Brian Kargus). Will be interesting to see how that works out.

I really need to clean up this apartment. Clothes laying out, boxes on the floor, etc. Just looks sloppy. If I can find any energy (and I'm at about zero on the tank at this moment), that'd be something productive to do this weekend.

The other day I saw some absolutely hilarious news bloopers. I think WTSP could sell that tape commercially and make a bundle. Funny stuff, for sure. Plus it's interesting to see anchors who've moved on to other stations in the market.

Still contemplating what weekend to aim for this fall for going to Starkville. The Troy State game might be a good weekend, but that'd be the weekend after I want to go to Nashville. So... we'll see.

Okay, that's it from here for now. The Game is calling me. So is laying down.

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