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Big Easy Countdown

August 1, 2002

"I don't know what to say
Tomorrow, tomorrow is a different day..."
-Avril Lavigne "Tomorrow"

I'm mostly packed and ready for the trip to New Orleans. It'll be less than 48 hours spent there, but it will be a packed 48 hours. Should be fun.

Looks like the Counting Crows won't be playing halftime on Monday's NFL Hall of Fame game. Damn. Was looking forward to seeing them there. They'll be on The Tonight Show tomorrow night, though I somehow doubt I'll be in my hotel room to see it. But you never know.

Here's hoping Sony manages to get my PS2 fixed quickly... I'm really wanting to play some more NCAA Football 2003. But for now, I must be patient.

I really need to get the oil in my car changed soon. My Neon flipped past 60,000 miles this week. I've put some miles on it since I moved here.

Well I need to do a little more packing before I head out for work now, so until later...

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