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Lou Pickney's Online Commentary

July 2001

July 31, 2001
11:01 AM EST

As if our society couldn't be any more paranoid, I present you this: New Sign Sends A Wave Of Dread

In particular, notice the woman's comment about being "subjected" to "that kind of sign". It just makes me look that much more forward to Europe, where puritanical busybodies don't mindlessly find themselves being offended in a sort of Pavlovian response to something that they needlessly find themselves demonizing. See you all on the flip side of the trip across the pond.

July 27, 2001
9:13 PM EST

"It gets better, order another round"
-Jay-Z "Give It To Me"

I took a bit of a haitus from my webpage commentary, as I've been contemplating a number of changes for my website here. When this webpage first went up back in August 1995, it offered the best level of code I knew. But, time has brought us programs that don't require the use of hand-written .html within documents. Now I'm no big-shot computer programmer, but I believed (correctly) that having web skills would make me valuable. Plus, it's allowed me to reach a large number of people via my page, e-mail, and what not.

This morning I found out that a recent interviewee for a job at WTSP had found my page. As my EP, Heidi Otway, put it, "Your page is world famous". That might be a bold statement (well not entirely, since I've tracked hits from Europe, Japan, etc.), but nonetheless I guess it would serve me well to update this thing more frequently.

One week from right now, I will be in London, in the midst of a week plus long trip to Europe with my brother Matt. We'll hit England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, then England again (prounced agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain in full British accent style). This trip has been in the works for some time, and I can't wait for it. I have the train and plane tickets in my posession, and now it's just a matter of finalizing places to stay along the way.

This past Saturday night, I went to see Jerry Seinfeld's comedy stand-up at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. My 12th row center ticket was worth every penny, as I laughed until I was near tears. My bro Matt had told me that Seinfeld's stand-up on the David Letterman show a few months back wasn't all that funny, which lowered my expectations going in, but man it was absolutely hysterical. Go see him live if you ever have the chance.

Speaking of David Letterman, I heard him on the Howard Stern show this morning. Now Stern isn't on in the Tampa market, but it can be picked up very scratchy and faint off of Real Radio 104.1 (WTKS-FM) out of Orlando. Letterman was in rare form, and it was intriguing to see just how much the CBS censors hold him back. Some of it was stuff that he actually could get away with early in his career (before the advent of political correctness and what not), but some of it, especially ripping on Jay Leno, was downright hysterical. If CBS would have the sack to let Dave do on TV what he did on the Howard Stern show this morning, Letterman would blow Leno out of the water on a nightly basis...

American Pie 2 comes out next month. That will be a must-see once I return from Europe. There are a number of great stories I have relating to the first one -- we'll see if the sequel can match up to the original.

Well, it's time for me to shave my head and get ready to hit Ybor City on a Friday night. Hopefully I'll be able to update this before I leave for Europe... but if not, then I'll have all the details of the big trip when I return.

July 4, 2001
8:54 AM EST

Happy Independence Day everyone. Appreciate your freedom -- I know I appreciate mine.

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