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April 24, 2006

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."
-Albert Einstein

When it comes to taking the rights of the people away, it sure doesn't take Congress long to take action these days. As this article explains, there's movement in Congress to *expand* the horrible DMCA legislation that, essentially, put a freeze on many fair use rights that have been upheld in the past by the Supreme Court (see the MGM vs. Sony Betamax 1984 case.) I've already written my two Alabama Senators and Congressional rep, though with the money that organizations like the RIAA (guilty of price fixing from 1995-2000, never forget) throw at our elected officials, I do wonder how much my input matters to them.

I'm listening to a replay of Howard Stern on Sirius and they're making fun of the Tyra Banks show where people have ridiculous fears (including Tyra, who has a fear of dolphins.) I wish I had that great episode of Maury Povich from mid-2001 where Gary Coxe helped people overcome their fears and they had people who were afraid of ridiculous things, most memorably a woman who was afraid of aluminum foil. That featured the all-time great graphic that read "(Whatever the woman's name was) just urinated herself in fear of aluminum foil" when they brought out alumnium foil onto the set. Gary Coxe ended up "curing" the people of their fears, and it was a laugh out loud hard episode. Now all Maury seems to do is have paternity test shows (and get sued by staffers.)

I felt exhausted when I got home from work today. Work itself wasn't exhausting, but I was behind on sleep... and I caught up in a major way. Good times on that.

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