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Cartoon Wars

April 14, 2006

Happy 25th Birthday to my brother, Matt. Hope you have a great time celebrating it this weekend, bro.

A guy named Jim Anthony sent me this e-mail yesterday, and I have included it for your enjoyment:

Hey -

Had been searchin the net for Club Code info and stumbled upon your site. I have 3 quick comments.

1. Cool site!
2. Never, ever shop Walmart, or mention them on your site again!
3. Your experience at Code seems to have been the same experience that everyone I know has had. Far too much attitude, and really anal employees. I'm glad you mentioned them. It came up fairly easily when I searched for Code info, so hopefully other people will find the info too, and know to stay away from that place.

Stay cool,

J. Anthony

I presume that Jim found my Guavaween 2005 commentary. See, screw with me today, and my website just may come back to bite you tomorrow. There's a certain truck rental place in Tampa that came VERY close to getting that treatment, by the way (trying to screw me out of $100), but I got my refund after getting super-stiff with the owner on the phone on Wednesday.

The backlash against Wal-Mart in this country is a pretty amazing thing. But it seems to be one of those things that is easier in concept than in practice; there's a reason that they keep popping up all across the country.

I finally got to see the two-part South Park "Cartoon Wars" episode last night, and there's a reason that the show is still on the air nearly ten years since its August 1997 debut on Comedy Central. It remains on the cutting edge of parody and social commentary, working on multiple levels and containing a depth that few programs would dare attempt, let alone successfully pull off. The way it simultaneously parodied so many things at once was a real site to behold. The two-part episode is an early candidate for show-of-the-year, in my opinion. With The Sopranos too busy with Tony's psyche, Deadwood not yet back on, no firm date for when the excellent Showtime series Weeds will return for a second season (only "Summer 2006" at this point), and the broadcast networks readying for war with the FCC in court (it's about time), it might be a few months at least until somebody comes along to challenge this watershed South Park episode for show of the year. That is, unless Trey Stone and Matt Parker raise the ante on themselves before the season is up...

For what it's worth with Comedy Central censoring the image of Muhammad in the "Cartoon Wars" episode, it was allowed to air on Comedy Central in July 2001 on the "Super Best Friends" episode (follow the link to see for yourself on Wikipedia.)

Sirius has exposed me to a couple of good songs: one is "The Funeral" by Band of Horses, while the other is a new song from Pearl Jam called "Unemployable." I haven't been into new music from Pearl Jam in a long time, but that song is really good.

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