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April 4, 2004

It turns out that I don't have a chance to win my $25 back on the Georgia Tech/UConn game. Turns out that the tiebreaker in Andrew's pick 'em tournament is total number of upsets picked, where Whit (one of Andrew's friends who was in it) had 14 and I had only 12. D'oh!

So now I'm just pulling for tomorrow night's game to be as good as the two were on Saturday night. And I might end up pulling for UConn out of spite. If I can't get that $25, no one can! Well, of course it goes to someone else if UConn wins, but after losing out I think three times on tiebreakers in the NFL weekly pick 'em pool at work this year, I don't want to end up on the close-but-just-missed tip on this. I want to lose outright!

Enough exclamation points. Tomorrow night my fantasy football league will find out if it's Josh or Rahul who gets the #1 pick in the draft -- and who gets the #1 pick in the free agent pickup. I realize that this matters little to most of you, but it's great fun for us in a league that's going into its 13th season this year. And thanks to the internet, there's no reason that it can't continue indefinitely...

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