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April 28, 2004

Today is the "free agent list" day for my fantasy football league, meaning that we have to make a certain number of players available for a pool from which the two non-playoff teams each get to pick one player. This leads to strategic moves by some owners, which helps to keep the off-season exciting. Our league has lasted since 1992 because of little things like this to keep the fun going in late April, nearly three months removed from the Super Bowl but nowhere near even the start of training camp.

This morning as I left my apartment, I noticed a large note tacked to my neighbor's door. Being curious about such things, I walked over and read it. And... it was an eviction notice. Ouch! Better you than me, mate.

It was good times hanging out with my friends Katt and Lina last night down here in Ybor. The Tuesday night scene isn't much to speak of, but it was still a fun time. I feel bad for Lina: she has a dance choreography class that she's taking, and her final is a dance performance that she choreographed. All along she'd been working with a friend of hers on it (the friend was going to do the dancing)... but then at the 11th hour, her friend backed out with some really weak excuse. I haven't talked with Lina today to find out how she handled things, as she was supposed to present her final at 4:30 PM. How can you be punished for having a partner turn on you?

I'm still hoping against all odds for ABC to bring back the show Line of Fire. Stacey and I were lamenting about that at work yesterday. There are four episodes of the show still in the can; perhaps they'll bring them out after May sweeps ends. Please, ABC, please give it another season. Though, with the recent crackdown by the FCC on all things controversial in media, perhaps Line of Fire wouldn't be allowed to go to the edge that it went to before.

True story: when I was close to getting Bubba on with an affiliate in Bluefield, West Virginia, the only sticking point was the potential for an FCC fine. This was in mid-January (just a couple of weeks before Bubba did in fact get fined), and I cited Line of Fire and how they could say bullshit and show ass on network TV within the 6 AM-10 PM window (in the Central time zone) as how TV network shows were more edgy than Bubba was from a language standpoint. Then the FCC bomb hit and all was finished with that.

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