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Game 7

April 20, 2004

Last night was a late one for me, as I stayed up to watch the Flames/Canucks Game 7 playoff game, which went to overtime. But the Flames won, which I was glad to see. It's been a long time going for Calgary fans, who haven't experienced a playoff series win since the Flames won the Stanley Cup in 1989.

On Sunday I got a bit sunburned over at Franca's house. She invited me over there for her son's birthday party (though there were plenty of adults there to make it a fun time). I had my spray-on tan going, but with my shaved head I caught enough sun to get a bit burned. So it goes. It was worth it -- Franca and one of her neighbors even were daring enough to do running through the Slip 'N Slide. It was hilarious.

The article in the Albany Times-Union that is supposed to mention should run in tomorrow's paper. I did a long phone interview (along with providing lengthy information via e-mail). Should be fun to see how it turns out. The publicity will be nice to receive (though the hits have been rolling in like mad for the site this week). I'm not sure if I'll break my single day record of 78,957 (the day after Bubba's last show on 98 Rock), but if it happens I think it would happen on Friday or perhaps Saturday (since I hope to have a running commentary of the first day of the draft).

I really detest FCC Commissioner Michael Powell... The Associated Press attributed this to him today:

He compared such legislation to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which spell out mandatory minimum sentences for specific crimes. While such standards make things clearer, they also take away the ability of decision makers to reach their own judgment, he said.

Reach their own judgment?!? Funny, when that happens the FCC gets to sit in its ivory tower and then pass its judgment on what is decent or indecent, local community standards be damned. It's a disgusting process.

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