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April 16, 2004

In a show of support, and also as a rib against my friend Rad in payroll, I wore my Nashville Predators jersey to work today. They lost last night to the Detroit Red Wings, falling behind 3-2 in their Best-of-7 series.

You'd think I'd be respected for supporting the team from the town where I grew up. HA! Rad was not amused at all (he is a big-time Wings fan). But I got "the business" from others as well about it, especially from people who said I should be wearing a lightning jersey. I would wear one... but I don't own one. I think a Martin St. Louis jersey would be cool to have (the only better jersey for me would be if the Lightning traded for Miroslav Satan). Actually a New Jersey Devils jerseys with "Satan" on the back might be tops. The next time I hang out with my old college fraternity bro Chris Combs, I can wear a Satan (pronounced shit-ann, which makes it even better) jersey, and he can wear a Cleveland Browns jersey of former running back Ben Gay.

Tonight is the night when Bubba The Love Sponge® will appear on HBO's On The Record With Bob Costas (airing at 11 PM Eastern). He then is set for Deborah Norville Live on Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern (with that reairing later that night at 11 PM Pacific). Should be some good exposure for him and the show.

Yesterday I went to the main post office here in Tampa to drop off some packages for BTLS orders. And, boy, was that a mistake. I knew that the April 15 tax deadline was coming down to the wire, and they had a separate lane set up for the last minute filers to drop off their material. But out front of the post office was a massive group of people supporting Bush/Cheney and protesting taxes. Now I'm all for lower taxes and less government, but the placement of the people seemed odd (since the tax drop-off crowd was diverted in a different direction). Add into that the swarm of TV news live trucks that were parked there, and you had a really chaotic situation. My friends in the business shipping drop-off office were none too happy about the protesters, though they told me there's nothing they could do since they were on the clock.

The best though were signs being held up against gay marriage. I really wish I'd had my digital camera with me so I could've snapped a picture to show you on here. You need to stick to one message on tax day, or at least a re-election/tax reform issue. But the gay marriage thing really stuck out and had me laughing out loud. It's tax day, and you make a sign about gay marriage?!? Talk about missing the mark... yo!

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