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April 14, 2004

Along with buying Fight Night 2004 for the PS2 on Saturday, I also picked up The Simpsons: Road Rage for $20. It's in the PS2 "Greatest Hits" library now (thus the low sale price), and I have to say that the game is charmingly fun. It takes the premise of Crazy Taxi and adds the fun of The Simpsons (one of the longest-running entertainment shows in U.S. history) to create a really fun game. It might lose its charm after awhile, I don't know, but so far I like it. Though tearing myself away from Fight Night 2004 hasn't been easy...

Happy 23rd birthday to my brother Matt. When we talked earlier tonight, it sounded like he had a pretty fun agenda on the docket. Hope it worked out for him.

Today Bubba The Love Sponge taped an interview with Deborah Norville Live that is tentatively scheduled to air at 9 PM on Tuesday, April 20 on MSNBC. Check it out if you get a chance. Indications from both sides are that the interview went well. Tomorrow Bubba tapes an interview with On The Record With Bob Costas that will air Friday night at 11 PM on HBO.

The Tampa Bay Lightning went up 3-1 on the New York Islanders thanks to yet another shutout victory. It'd be nice to see the Lightning close out the series at home on Friday.

Is there a funnier block on TV right now than the South Park/Chappelle's Show combo on Wednesday nights on Comedy Central? That is some cutting-edge, creative TV. At least I think so...

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