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April 13, 2004

What an unusual series of days it has been... Friday night follies, a crazy Saturday night, and then the fun of Fight Night 2004 on the PS2. Oh, and someone broke into DigiQuest and stole the server that housed Bubba The Love Sponge's website.

I think Scott Massey is finished playing me in NCAA Football 2004 after I beat him with Marshall at home vs. Texas and then as Ole Miss at Florida State (going with an improbable rushing game attack despite having Eli Manning behind center). That Marshall game was especially crushing; tied late in the fourth, Scott was setting up for a potential game-winning field goal, only for RB Cedric Benson to fumble. I recovered, drove down the field, and hit a winning field goal of my own as time expired. Celebration time in Huntington! But Scott ended up getting his revenge by beating me 2-0 in both hockey and soccer, but so it goes.

With the NFL Draft less than two weeks away, is blowing up big time. I had a newspaper writer from the Albany Times-Union in Albany, NY contact me yesterday for an interview concerning the popularity of NFL Draft websites. Pretty cool, eh?

Speaking of cool, Fight Night 2004 for the PS2 is a really fun game. It makes use of the analog sticks on the PS2 controllers like no game I've ever seen before. There's a bit of a learning curve to it, but once you figure it out it's some real fun. If only they could've signed Mike Tyson for it, then it would've really been something. But it's without question the most detailed boxing game ever made, and it's the most fun since Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for the Nintendo (which set the standard for fun in boxing video games... one which may never be surpassed).

The Counting Crows are playing in Las Vegas on June 25. I'm giving VERY serious consideration to flying up there for the show... I'm hoping to convince Shauna to fly in for it from West Virginia (since she likes that band as much as I do). That would be one hell of a fun weekend.

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