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April 7, 2003

"I missed the good part, then I realized
I started looking and the bubble burst
I started looking for excuses..."
-Coldplay "Warning Sign"

Storman's last night was a bad idea. Believing we'd actually be out of there by 1:15 was about as na´ve as believing an auto repair place when they tell you it'll take "a half hour" to have your car ready. We didn't get back to Tampa until past 3 AM. What's more, I didn't even have my ace gimmick, being tall, working for me, with 6'6" James and 6'7" Namore flanking me to either side. My mind was preoccupied with the interview I had scheduled for 10 this morning, and I seemed to be "wearing the invisible shirt", as John Pouncey would say. On top of that, I seemed caught in a charisma vacuum when talking with the girls there.

This brings up another issue... my job. I really enjoy working with Bubba, but in any initial chat-up with girls it's gone over about as poorly as I could imagine. It's the polar opposite from the TV producer job, which got me over more often than not. But when girls find out I work for Bubba, I tend to get one of three responses:

1. Look of dismay/disgust followed by an unenthusiastic "Oh".
2. Look of dismay/disgust followed by a harsh reply, like "Bubba -- that pig" or "Oh God, you work for Bubba?!?" (not said in a good way) or at best a pseudo-sympathetic "I'm so sorry."
3. Stunned silence (like the Undertaker vs. Undertaker match at SummerSlam '94), ending the conversation.

Occasionally I'll receive a neutral response. But it's a far cry from the TV producer gig, I can tell you that. And trying to talk around it doesn't work well, either.

Girl: So what do you do?
Lou: I work in radio over at Clear Channel Tampa.
Girl (curious): Really, what do you do there?
Lou: Uhh, I work as an affiliate relations director.... for the 98 Rock morning show.
Girl: What does that mean?
Lou: Well, have you heard of Bubba the Love Sponge?
(See above list of three responses for how this conversation ends)

So that's not such a good thing. But hey, as if I didn't have enough incentive to land this Research Director position for CC Tampa that I'm going for now, now I can factor in picking up girls at the bar in the equation. Lovely.

But actually I'm in a good spot. I'm trying out for the newly created Research Director job, which would involve me analyzing ratings information and communicating it effectively to management and sales. If I land that, I'll have my full time status (just as my contract with WTSP runs out, ending my non-compete). Plus I'll still be able to handle affiliate relations for Bubba, so I'll have the potential to be in a rather lucrative spot.

Of course, I have to actually get the job. But I have Bubba and his crew pushing for me, so hopefully that and my interview will get me over. I had Part One of my interview this morning; Part Two takes place tomorrow.

Well it's basketball time now. Kansas vs. Syracuse. Should be a fun one...

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