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Reverse The Heat

April 6, 2003

"You see, the problem is communication. Too much communication."
-Homer Simpson

The Kansas/Marquette men's semifinal game yesterday was quite disappointing. Marquette had no answer to Kansas' fast-paced attack, and the Jayhawks ran away with it. They'll face Syracuse and Carmelo Anthony, which should be an excellent game. If Jim Boeheim is to win his first national title this year, he'll have certainly earned it, facing the best three teams in the Big XII in the last three games of the tournament.

Disappointing basketball aside, last night was pretty fun. Just hanging out in the pizza shop (Demmi's Market), watching the Syracuse/Texas game and shooting the bull. I met this one girl who I hit it off with... only to find out she was married. Such is life, eh?

My friend James is back in town today, and we're going to hit Shepard's tonight. I'm told that place has a fun scene on Sunday night, so we'll see. Can't stay out too late, but it should be fun to check it out.

Meanwhile, the trip to Starkville is this Thursday. I can't wait to get back down to Mississippi State; it's always good times down there. Matt tells me there should be plenty of fun things going on, which sounds good to me.

I'm really enjoying the Fantasy Baseball league that my friends Riley & Todd got me in on. I've learned a great deal about the major stat stars in just the span of one week. Even with Vlad Guerrero out with a suspension for the earlier part of the week, it's looking like I'll win my Week 1 game. Good times.

As I type this, I'm listening to the Phil Hendrie spoof of Jim Rome. Hahahaha it's dead on. If you can track it down, I highly recommend it.

Well time to get ready to find out what Sunday night fun is out there...

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