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The Hunted

April 3, 2003

I saw the movie The Hunted on Tuesday night. It was somewhat entertaining, and the acting by Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro was good. But the plot was riddled with holes, many of the supporting characters seemed there for no reason, and even the main characters had motivations that didn't quite match up to logic. But whatever, it was a good (if not overtly violent) date movie.

Last night was a great time. Brent Hatley called me up just past 5 and offered me tickets (and a parking pass) for the Lightning/Canadians game. I talked my friend Scott Massey into going, and we had fun. Free food, free beer, free tickets to the CC suite and free parking. That's some sweet action. Plus, the game was good, as the Lightning won 2-1. There's nothing quite like seeing hockey in person. The pure speed of the game on the NHL level doesn't translate the same on TV. And the crowd at the end was boistorously loud, which was nice to see. I definitely need to get tickets for one of the playoff games (they're playing Washington for sure, but it's a matter of if Games 1 and 2 will be here or 3 and 4).

I met up with some girls over at the Green Iguana after that. Not the Green Iguana I usually go to in Ybor, but instead the brand new one by the Courtney Campbell Causeway. It was packed but fun. The crowd was a bit more upscale than its Ybor counterpart, though there were some shady elements to go with it.

Tonight Texas Tech and Minnesota play in the NIT 3rd place game. My question is: why? Is there any game more pointless than the NIT 3rd place game? A consolation game for a second-tier tournament. Granted, this particular matchup is interesting given that Knight coached against Minnesota for years while at Indiana, but still it's a strange setup if you ask me. An NCAA tournament 3rd place game would be better (not that I'm advocating one, but I'm just saying...)

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