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In The Crease

April 30, 2003

I've decided not to go to tonight's Lightning/Devils hockey game. I was all set to go to it with my friend Scott Massey, but then I went online to order the tickets. The list price for the seats are $79. But then Ticketmaster adds on nearly $15 in fees and handling charges, with the St. Pete Times Forum sticking it for another $2 per ticket. The total cost neared $100. I called up Scott and told him that I'd rather have the money in my bank account. I mean, that's just a ridiculous level of price gouging. So I'll be watching tonight's game on TV instead.

Of course, if there's a Game 6 in Tampa, it'd be awfully tough to pass up on a chance to see that in person. But there's no guarantee that will happen at this point.

I went to an informational meeting last night for the International Academy of Design & Technology in Tampa last night. They have an internet rep job opening that interests me (as something to do in addition to working with Bubba the Love Sponge). It was an unusual setting, as they had six people there interested in a couple of the positions. We all were asked to stand up and say a little about ourselves. When my turn came around, I explained a bit about myself and mentioned that I once worked as a TV news producer. That brought the "oooooh" look to the eyes of many in the room. But then I mentioned that I worked for Bubba now. One of the women actually started booing, and another blurted out, "I'd never sell for him!" I retorted that I wasn't in sales but instead in syndication relations (yes there is a difference). So we'll see what happens with that.

But I couldn't imagine booing someone in a setting like that. It was preposterous yet somewhat laughable. I suppose not everyone likes it when you speak your mind (be it on the internet or on the radio)...

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