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April 29, 2003

I saw the movie Identity last night. It was pretty intense; it didn't have a Phone Booth level edge-of-your-seat intensity, but nonetheless it was gripping. Plenty of twists and turns, with an ending that will leave you thinking about what happened long after you leave the theatre.

The new Matrix movie opens on May 15th. My friend Tali is trying to talk me into taking a trip to Atlanta (where she'll be on a work seminar when it comes out) to go see it with her. Not sure if that will work from a scheduling and financial standpoint, but it would be fun.

The Lightning blew a 3 goal lead last night against the New Jersey Devils before scoring the deciding goal in a 4-3 win. Game 4 tomorrow night should be a good time. I'll be there in person for it. Go Lightning!

My Fantasy Football League "free agent pool" list came out yesterday. The two non-playoffs teams (Phil & Nimesh) will each be able to pick one player to add to their squad; the team that loses the player receives a third-round draft pick as compensation. The NFL off-season can be a long, slow time, so even little things like free agent pickups can be nice. There wasn't much lag time between the end of the real-life NFL draft and the free agent list due date.

I need to get a check in the mail for the new Westlake CD. Its official release is later this week, and I wish Scott and his crew all the luck in the world with it. They're a talented band. Meanwhile, I listened to the new CD by the band Mostly Robot last night. It sounded great; I hope to see them in concert sometime down the road...

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