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Crawfish Boil

April 12, 2003

"I'm going back to the 1970s, and I'm bringing a Mach 3 with me."
-John Pouncey, in the funniest line of Friday night

I'm writing this particular commentary from my brother's computer at his house in Starkville, MS. John Pouncey just walked by as I typed that first sentence; we discussed plans for tonight. He tells me that Rick's opens at 8 and will be packed by 9 (for "Dollar you call it" night, aka "Dollar you vomit"). He recommended an 8:30 arrival time; I agreed.

It's 6:28 PM central time as I type this... and already it's been a fun day. Now, this is my fourth visit to Starkville (the other three times being in October 2002, April 2002 and October 2000, and it's always a fun time here. My bro Matt picked a very nice place for his college experience.

Earlier today was the "7th Annual Crawfish Boil", this crazy drunken pool party out by one of the apartment complexes. And much like last year, it was a rowdy fun time. Girls in bikinis, beer aplenty, keg stands, a good rock cover band, beautiful sunshine... and did I mention hot college girls in bikinis? Good times, for sure.

There are a thousand little things that make up a memory... like today, with Jason (Matt's roommate) and I going to Wendy's in a much-delayed lunch run. Or the "Whoa" girl in a green shirt that Pouncey "escorted" upstairs to find a bathroom (and Michelle's hilarious comment afterwards of "We have standards!"). Or the keg stand challenge (two people tied for the daily record with :40 second keg stands). The place was packed with people, soaking in the sun and downing the coldbeer and enjoying the music. Yeah, I love it here.

Perhaps the funniest part of the day was me, Fent and two girls who Fent knows. We were talking, blahbbity blah blah (as Matt would say), and one of the girls was pointing out a couple of lesbian chicks they knew. She then looked at her friend and said, "Sometimes people mistake her and I for a couple; we're always out together." So I responded as best I could.

Lou: So, have you two ever kissed?
(Awkward silence)
Girl: Does anyone have a lighter?

Good times. You know that since I roll with Bubba the Love Sponge, I'm going to ask the tough (or tuff) questions...

It's been non-stop fun since I got here though. Thursday night Matt and I and Matt's girlfriend Heather went to the "Cotton District", where they had this massive street party. Wall-to-wall people, which was cool. We brought beer, but unfortunately we didn't have any cups for taking it out in public and what not. So I did my enterprising best and washed out an almost-empty Gatorade bottle and poured 2 or 3 beers in it. Granted, it looked like I was drinking piss with the clear bottle, but so it goes. A band called the Cover Girls played and put on a pretty good show on a cooler-than-expected evening.

The most memorable part of the night might've been when Pouncey showed up at 4:15 in the morning with some girl's car who he barely even knew. There was some question on Friday when/if the girl would finally find him and get it back (she finally did).

On Friday the fun continued. Matt and I hit the Sanderson Center, which is a top-of-the-line workout facility. MSU did it right (they could use a few more Precor machines, but who am I to bicker?) It's a first-class setup. One funny thing though was the stiff rule requiring everyone to have their own towel. I mean, it makes sense (helps keep the machines from getting sweaty and what not), but the way they had GIANT signs about it was amusing. I wondered if I might get tossed out of there for not having one with me (luckily that didn't happen).

Last night the "Friday Night Gigolos" played at the Sig Ep House. A bit disappointing on the crowd, but so it goes. Maybe the Smooth Jazz instrumentals didn't help on that. I give the band credit for trying to cover The Doors, but with no keyboard that is a difficult chore. I saw some of my old friends and friends of my brother who I'd met in visits past here, which was cool. John Reilly reminds me of Chris Gill from my fraternity days (and that's a good thing; they're both stand-up guys).

Matt just rolled in here (this is his room, after all). He mentioned that I hadn't written a commentary since I got here, so I figured that I'd knock that out. I take it as a major compliment when people encourage me to write more on here; if my writing can bring them a smile or a laugh (or make them think), then I'm all for it.

I bought a large bottle of sunscreen for today's Crawfish Boil festivities. Burning is no fun. Matt joked about how he stole all my pigment, which is about true. And despite a pounding from the sun, the SPF 45 stuff did the job.

We watched some of The Masters this afternoon when we got back from the Crawfish Boil, and it was nice. Augusta is a hella good course.

Pouncey is in here now, and he joked that he'd had too much fun in his life. Matt piped in that Pounce's fun bracket was full. "No fun for you!" It's the little things about visiting here that are tremendous.

Pounce just mentioned this: "You've never been to Dollar You Call It? Good Lord! Buckle your seat belt." Good times, good times...

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