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June 27, 2015

I'm about one month into my return to Nashville, and slowly but surely I'm getting settled into my new house. The longer I spend here, the more I like the place -- and the more it feels like it's really mine. But with ownership comes responsibility, as I experienced first-hand over the weekend.

As I referenced in my previous column on this website, last weekend I watched my brother Matt's bulldog, Titus, while Matt, my sister-in-law Jenica, and their two kids went up to Paris Landing for a few days. It was fun spending time with T-Pain (as he's affectionately known), particularly since I was around him for the majority of his first year with Matt. He's a good bully.

Unfortunately for both Titus and me, things took an uncomfortable turn that Friday (6/13) when my air conditioner abruptly stopped pumping out cold air. By the time I figured out what was wrong and asked around about repair people, 5 p.m. had come and gone. I was stuck for the weekend without A/C, and it was poor timing for that with a heat wave arriving and temperatures topping out in the mid-90s.

So, what did I do? I dealt with it as best as I could. I made sure that Titus stayed well-hydrated and as cool as possible, though he normally was content to curl up near me, perhaps more so than normal since I was strategically positioned with multiple fans going. At night I was able to open up a downstairs window to cool things down a bit more, but it was a difficult effort.

On Saturday night, Matt picked up Titus, who behaved himself very well over here for the most part. Letting him outside as he needed was no problem, and even with his "alligator speed" over short distances, corralling him wasn't tough. It's not like the era of trying to chase down Clyde the yellow lab, to be sure. But he didn't have any accidents in the house and he didn't go upstairs, and hopefully Titus will have a chance to visit again sometime soon.

I made sure to call first thing Monday morning to Tennessee Mechanical Corporation, who had a repairman out to my house later that day. The fix ended up being rather simple, replacing a malfunctioning dual run capacitor. I caught a break with that, as it ended up being about as inexpensive of a repair as I could have hoped.

I had planned at one point to go to the Global Force Wrestling show that was held last Sunday in Bowling Green, KY. But my Dad ended up back in Nashville earlier than I had anticipated, and I ended up choosing a very late Father's Day lunch (or early dinner I suppose) at the Olive Garden in Antioch over the GFW show. It was a nice meal, highlighted as usual these days by the antics of my niece, Evelynn, and my nephew, Benjamin.

There was a couple a few tables over finishing up their meal as we were starting ours who caught my attention, as they both were wearing these very pronounced purple outfits. I presume they had been at a church as they were well-dressed, with the woman even sporting a matching purple hat and the man wearing a purple suit. Not everyone can pull that look off, but they did it.

One thing I neglected to mention about my neighborhood in the city of La Vergne in my last column was how there is a ridiculously unnecessary traffic circle (aka roundabout or rotary) connecting Stones River ?? with E. Nir Shriebman Blvd. Perhaps at one point there was a plan to continue Shriebman beyond that location, but as it is now there is just a short, dead-end stretch of road that serves no obvious purpose.

Of course, when you have uncommon things in place on the road, you have drivers who either get confused or simply willfully ignore the rules. I had to hit the brakes the other day on my way back from the gym when some guy zipped through the giant Yield signs with impunity, pulling out recklessly in front of me. Not fun times.

There are fewer pizza options here than I had in Columbus, as the Grandview Heights area has an almost comical overabundance of them. In particular, I miss the Panzera's Pizza Mon-Tue special: a large pepperoni pizza and an order of cheese bread, which with delivery fee included came out to $16 and change. Round it to $20 for the driver tip and you're all set with some tasty food.

Sometimes rather unique in Ohio is that you don't have to pay sales tax on fast food if you get it delivered or as carryout. Tennessee's oppressively high ?% sales tax rate applies to all food, even what is sold at grocery stores. That's a trade-off for not having a state income tax, I suppose.

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