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Buckeye State

July 15, 2014

"As it breaks, the summer will warm
But the winter will crave what is gone"
Future Islands "Seasons (Waiting On You)"

In the middle of July in the middle of Ohio, here I am. Showtime.

This really is the easy time of the year for most sports fans, though. After the NBA and NHL playoffs end and before football gets going, that mid-late July span has a couple of weeks where you can catch your breath. Unless you're covering NBA free agent signings, of course. There are no easy wins.

Before I blink and another few weeks have passed me by (and that's sure how it feels) I need to note how great it was to see so many people at my sister Mary Beth's wedding in Nashville last month. It was fun, one of those chaotic spans of days that is overloaded, but sometimes that's part of the fun. Plan your itinerary too much and you'll end up missing out of the spotaneous adventure that life can bring your way.

Speaking of life, and home, and LeBron James -- here is an interesting piece written by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about LeBron's return to Cleveland. The return of LeBron to northern Ohio makes for a good storyline, and if he can bring the Cavs an NBA Championship it would make fo a great story.

Nearly two months in here in central Ohio and I still love Columbus. Such a great city. I keep waiting to be underwhelmed and that keeps on not happening. That song I dropquoted at the top isn't just a great fit, it's also an excellent new track that I heard on WWCD aka CD 102.5.

To point, here's a short list from the past week of songs I've discovered via Shazam with CD 102.5:

"Step" Vampire Weekend
"Stolen Dance" Milky Chance
"Riptide" Vance Joy
"Waves" Sleeper Agent

And that doesn't even count me hearing "Alcohol" by Howlin' Maggie, a song I last heard in the mid-1990s on the all-time great Thunder 94 in Nashville, last week on CD 102.5. All radio doesn't have to be the homogenized product that is present on so many commercial stations across the country.

I've held off on a 2015 NFL Mock Draft on Draft King, but I should have one ready to go sooner as opposed to later. Between the later draft this year and then readying my move to Columbus, I've taken some time off from that -- at least from the standpoint of what I put out to the public. But, as with most things, I'm always observing.

On Saturday I will actually going to see a live spot -- Major League Soccer with the Columbus Crew hosting Montreal. The Toronto/Seattle season-opener I went to in March was great and will be very difficult for the Montreal/Columbus game to replicate, but it should be a good time. I had a blast at the Crew game I went to last year.

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