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December 8, 2013

T-minus 23 days. Not that I'm counting or anything.

By the time you read this, I will have posted not only this but two previous website posts that were ~90% finished but not yet quite complete. My ADD/ADHD can lead me to do multiple things at once, sometimes to the point where I lose concentration and fail to finish what I started in a reasonable amount of time. You should see how many internet browser windows I keep open at any given point -- it gets to be a bit ridiculous at times. It's why Adderall helps me so much at work, since I can actually concentrate and get everything finished that I need to do by deadline.

But, as I've lamented on here before, Adderall is a creativity killer for me. It's not a lack of motivation to write, but the ideas don't come to me in the volume that they do when I'm in "normal" mode, and when I do write it's not at the same level that I can reach otherwise, which frustrates me considerably.

At the same time, I'm restricted on multiple levels on going full tilt when I write, with topics that are banned (or best not breached) because of my occupation or because of the effect they can have on my personal life or because they could cost me future opportunities that I would never even know about. It almost cost me a shot at Tampa in 2001, and that was in large part because of a page I set up as a rib on one of those old free hosting websites. The joke was nearly on me.

I've tried to stop writing on here before, even pulled down the entire collection before, but I couldn't stay away. This platform allows me a chance to express myself in ways I otherwise can't, and even with the self-imposed restrictions I have in place, there are things and ideas that just won't work within the confines of a 140 character post on Twitter.

About a month ago I filled in on a Saturday morning shift for Angela, one of our new producers at WSAZ who had paid to take part in an out-of-state half-marathon before she started at the station. I agreed to cover her shift that day and in exchange I was allowed to take a day off after the end of November sweeps (but before the start of the Christmas/New Year's Eve stretch run), and I booked December 9 as my switch day.

And my choice worked out great, in part because it allowed me to better switc my schedule to enjoy conference championship day in college football yesterday and in part because of the weather I woke up to this morning.

Clearing the snow at FlapJack's

A four-wheel drive pickup truck with a front plow cleared the parking lot at FlapJack's.

In spite of the minimal snow that had been forecast, Huntington had about four inches of snow dumped on it in the span of a few hours. And it wasn't just Huntington, it was the entire "I-64 Corridor" from eastern Kentucky to Charleston, WV. A rather thin band of snow blanketed the most populated areas of the television market.

By this afternoon it had turned to a freezing rain/sleet mix, which in many ways can make for more treacherous driving, but overnight tonight conditions are expected to remain dicey at best. And I'll share a secret of television news with you here: Monday mornings are the worst of the five days by far to produce and it's not even close, in large part because of the limited material available both locally and from the networks.

If I had my druthers I would schedule vacation or comp time to be off every Monday off during football season outside of the November book, but sadly that's not a viable option. But it's great to be off on this Sunday night, and that goes double for it being on an overnight with a menacing weather situation that will likely lead to all sorts of complications between school closings, flooding risks, wrecks, and other associated problems in the morning.

One more weather-related thing I would be remiss to omit is that while there was snow here today, it's nothing compared with the absolutely crazy snow that fell in Philadelphia during today's Lions/Eagles game. At some points in the first half the snowfall was so heavy that it was tough to see the action on the field.

It's easily the craziest snow I've seen during an NFL game in the HD era of television and perhaps the most obstructed view of an NFL game I can recall since the famous 1988 New Year's Eve "Fog Bowl" game between the Eagles (again) and the Bears in Chicago. For some today's game harkened back to the 1948 NFL Championship Game in Philadelphia, which yes again also involved the Eagles, who beat the Cardinals 7-0.

For now, I'm going to play some more Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on my PlayStation 3, which at $9.99 (from the PSN download section) is easily the best money any pro wrestling fan can spend on a game. Throw this into the mix and you don't have to spend endless hours on CAWs -- someone else has already done it for you. Nice!

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